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Wow! We just had our family pictures done and what a great experience it was! I must preface this by saying we have not had this done in 5 years. Mainly because of the 'dread' we all felt. We have 4 children and getting everyone physically and mentally prepared to go and "sit" for pictures is no small feat.

Well, this time was much different. Let me explain

First of all we decided to have these done with our "newest addition" to the family. Our beloved Tiger airplane. So getting the kids to go to the airport and hang out by the plane was not so difficult. We decided to all dress casual but similar. We didn't want to look fake, yet we also didn't want our clothes to take center stage...we wanted that all to ourselves. Well we got it by the looks of these pictures and the comments our loved ones are saying.

The entire picture taking process took less than 30 minutes! I can hardly believe the skill of Marty and Linda to co-ordinate 4 kids, 2 adults, a big red dog and an airplane, let alone get awesome shots! There were some "action" photos and a few "posed" photos. But in the end we had somewhere near 45 pictures to attempt to select from. ALL of them were good. We still haven't decided! I even got my mother/daughter black and white that I have been wanting for since she was a baby! How they did all this and kept us all smiliing and laughing....I will never know. I sure do wish I had know about this dynamic duo many years ago, then I wouldn't have so many blank spaces on my walls!

Thanks so much Marty and Linda for a wonderful experience and even better pictures!

Charlene Zubka
VP Affordable Aircraft Ownership

Dear Lynda and Marty, Paul and I are FINALLY ready to choose the photos for our wedding album. I never thought it would take so long but all the photos you took are so beautiful that it is really hard to pick! Even in the group shots everyone looks good, so I couldn't eliminate any photos based on that.

And the photos of the children....I knew they were cute kids but in these photos they look like they ought to be models!

I do want to thank you both for doing such a wonderful job with the photos, and especially for making the photo sessions fun. I never would have imagined that could happen! You can tell we were all enjoying ourselves by how relaxed and happy we look in the photos, although Paul and I were certainly nervous enough before the ceremony!

Not only have you both given us an irreplaceable record of our wedding but you added so much to the day itself. Thank you again for everything,

Margaret Arnold and Paul Ryan